This item is READY TO SHIP, and will be packaged and shipped within 3-4 business days from the date that you purchase your order. This time of year USPS does take a little longer, and I do not have control over your package once it leaves my hands. 
No refunds or exchanges.

Patterns will vary slightly based on quantity of in stock RTS items. 

Pleated and Fitted masks are made with adjustable ear loops for a more universal fit. 
3D masks are made ‘one size fits most’ with a super soft stretchy elastic and they also include nose wires for more of a perfect fit. 

*Masks now have 3 options...pleated, fitted and our new 3D style.
3D style is more expensive because it includes a nose wire, and is more time consuming to make than the other two styles.

If your style is ‘out of stock’ and you see other mask styles ‘in stock’ please send me a message prior to checkout so I can adjust the listing for you. 
Will this mask protect you from getting COVID-19? In short, no. It will however give you a little peace of mind. The CDC has now recommended everyone wear masks in public to help slow the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask in public can help others not get the virus, in the event you’re a carrier or are unknowingly sick. These masks can also be work over medical PPE to help extend the life of the equipment provided to our healthcare workers.